You bring the fibre, we do the rest!

The leading network management company in the world…

Ventura Next designs, builds and manages incredibly efficient and profitable operations for network owners who lack the time, expertise or confidence to exploit their own passive network asset - helping them to increase take-up, generate higher revenues and deliver world-class services to users. Our team has the systems and skills to deliver state-of-the-art FTTH solutions building on our Swedish heritage in delivering FTTH networks since 1999 - including creating and powering a fibre operator rated number four in the World for service value*.

Generating higher incomes

making money Open access can drive greater take-up and revenues for both property and fibre owners but is normally outside their domain or experience. Choosing the right equipment, systems and especially the right configuration for a large complex network is a challenging task. It can be technically very difficult to get right and can be daunting for many fibre owners to take this step. Ventura Next understands the problems and has proven solutions. Our team has been designing and building these networks since 1999, with unparalleled experience of doing it right.

Building the right network

getting it right We use our experience of developing strategy through to deploying and management of networks to manage networks - for fibre owners from alternative operators through to property developers/owners and smart cities.