Debunking the Open Access Myths

Our article on open access published today by Light Reading.

“Open Access” is experiencing a return to prominence in fixed telecoms. Sadly, the term “open access” is increasingly and deliberately being distorted by some broadband operators that claim to provide it when in reality they do not. It’s a bit like “fiber broadband,” which can leave some customers scratching their heads when they look at the copper connection into their homes: There is no legal or industry standard definition of open access, and the term is therefore widely abused.

On the other side, I frequently see RFPs for town networks (yes, I’m looking at you, the US of A) that specify open access without the author really understanding what it is and how the business model should work.

So given it’s all a bit confusing, this article will attempt to define what real Open Access is for FTTH networks and also define the questions that municipalities, smart cities, developers, campuses etc. should be asking any operator. It’s based on my colleagues’ hard-earned experience in creating and running 120+ open access networks across three continents over the years.”

Lots more on what you should and shouldn’t do in the article.

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