You bring the fibre, we do the rest!



Ventura Next designs, installs and operates the active equipment in a network including best-of-breed portals for customer self-activation and for service providers to easily manage their customers, service offerings and pricing. 

Where there is fibre…we do the rest!

The result is that a wide range of TV, voice, broadband, home automation and other services that can be offered directly to end users in the network. The network owners (municipalities, real estate companies, developers etc.) can also add their own information or revenue-generating services onto the network. Unlike the traditional network shown on the left in Figure 1, the Open Access network models (A, B and C) separate the management of the network from the supply of services by Retail Service Providers (RSP’s). In case B, we act as the Communications Operator and manage the network for the network owner. In some cases, we do this but are also owners of the passive network (A).

Figure 1 Communications Operator Roles Enabled or Provided by Ventura Next

Figure 1 Communications Operator Roles Enabled or Provided by Ventura Next

The orange boxes in Figure 2 show how we are able, if appropriate, to manage all the operations between the fibre in the ground and the companies wanting to provide services to end users. We help minimise the complexity involved in these networks, ensuring the different services are delivered and managed effectively.

Figure 2: Value chain of a typical fibre business

Figure 2: Value chain of a typical fibre business

Our approach raises the profile for the network owner and keeps end users happy. In addition, Ventura Next operated networks offer ‘Over the Top’ services via the Services Supermarket as well as additional services designed to drive up customer take rates and passive network asset utilisation and therefore boost your margins and investment returns. For the fibre infrastructure owner Ventura Next offers

  • The ability to leverage economies of scale – special deals to connect multiple real estate developments under a single management and retailing scheme
  • The capability to deliver additional services over the fibre network themselves e.g. central management of heating and cooling, key card systems and locks, surveillance

For the Service Provider, Ventura Next offers

  • Reliable multicast IP-TV delivery
  • Prepaid /volume-based – ”speed surf”
  • Prioritised VoIP
  • ”Boost” – 100/1000 during a 24 hour period
  • Additional value-added services sold via the Service Provider or via the Services Supermarket