You bring the fibre, we do the rest!



Our approach delivers real results for network owners – solving their issues and avoiding pitfalls and complexities while generating significant revenue streams and cost savings for them:

  • We have delivered active networks at 66% below ‘traditional’ vendor designs and costings
  • Our approach means we run networks effectively with as little as 10% of the network management manpower needed in a ‘traditional’ operations
  • Eliminating ‘free riders’ – the up to 10% of subscribers that on some networks do not pay!
  • Provisioning a new service in less than 20 sec – compared to up to 39 days in other networks
  • Placing up to 98% of orders for new services directly with Service Providers or via the Marketplace – giving users exceptional control over their own services

There are a number of other major benefits of our approach. It:

  • Supports effective open access networks that deliver higher take-up rates than single operator networks – increasing the revenue to the network owner while also being exceptionally lean
  • Maintains control of the network to help exploit future opportunities
  • Provides the ability to control contracts and QoS better than in traditional approaches
  • Can add extra services above and beyond communications
  • Creates retail choice and so drives up-take
  • Promotes creation of new and innovative service offerings for tenants
  • Helps enhance reputation & profile of development / community